WHAT TO EXPECT - Mobile spray tanning in Scottsdale


WHAT TO EXPECT... Mobile spray tanning in Scottsdale


Scottsdale Sunless Mobile Spray Tan offers the best sunless spray tanning in Scottsdale and Phoenix. We offer the best mobile spray tans in Scottsdale and have extensive experience and education and are rully licensed and insured! Scottsdale Sunless Spray Tanning is the tanning company for the job!! Our mobile sunless spray tans in Scottsdale will bring the sunshine to you in the convenience of your own home. Scottsdale Sunless technicians provide the best sunless tanning and will bring the following along with them to your appointments: 

Spray Tan tent 

Full range of solutions and products

Blending Brush 

Disposable g-strings/boxers 

Disposable hair caps 

Clean Soles for your feet

Nose applicators 

An extraction fan  

Airbrush machine and spray gun

PH balancing spray 

Prior to the commencement of your spray tan, our Spray Tan Stylists will conduct a skin care analysis to determine the right solution and level of darkness desired to formulate a customized spray tan solution. 

The Scottsdale Sunless Spray Tan technician will then go over the procedure, review the expectations. We will then choose the colour best suited for the occasion, client skin tone, and lifestyle.  We have solutions that can develop rapidly and can be rinsed off in as little as an hour and we carry an anti-aging line too. We have the right solution for every skin tone and event you need to be tan for!  

The spray tan should take approximately 10 minutes, with an additional couple of minutes for drying time and clean up. 

Please allow enough room for a pop-up tent that’s about 9ft in height and 5 feet in width and make sure the technician has two electrical outlets at her disposal. 

An extraction fan and a spray tan machine can be noisy so its advice not to have anyone napping nearby at the time of your spray tan. 

Our Mobile Spray Tan technician will look over your tan making sure that all areas have been covered and spray tanned evenly, and will then touch up any necessary areas.

After the spray tan is complete payment will be taken and post care instructions will be given.  

Our solutions vary in development time so it's important to remember when your technician says you can shower and rinse off the solution. Then the technician will pack their equipment and solutions and will be on their way to their next appointment. 

Your appointment should take no longer than 20-30 minutes. 

Scottsdale Sunless Mobile Soray Tan’s will contact you the next day to make sure you are happy with your spray tan.  

Feedback and reviews of the technician and solution used are always encouraged and appreciated.  

Scottsdale Sunless Mobile Soray Tanning prides ourselves on our mobile spray tanning,attention to detail, vast knowledge of the spray tan industry and solutions, and we guarantee a flawless, and  natural spray tan!


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